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Criminal Conviction History

BGP, LLC will inquire about the existence of any criminal convictions. Searches are conducted by jurisdiction and include both felonies and misdemeanors. Results are provided within 24 to 72 hours with some results available instantly. More and more companies are utilizing this service. The cost of a county criminal search includes Social Security Verification plus any courts costs that may apply. The advantage of doing a Social verification is identifying other areas of the country an applicant has lived but has not listed on the application. Another feature is the possibility of an applicant using an incorrect number that would result in an incorrect search. Any other name such as a maiden name or an alias is considered an additional request.

BGP, LLC experienced staff will consult with you to create a screening program customized to your needs. We can help you implement a compliant background screening program based on your industry's requirements and employment screening best practices – a screening program that will help you create a safe work environment and reduce potential liability by uncovering job candidates' criminal records, falsified resumes and additional background information. Don't go into the hiring process blind. Let us take the guess work and chances out of the equation.

Pre-Employment Interview

Employers continue to lose million of dollars annually as a direct result of employee dishonesty and fraudulent representations about their job qualifications and educations achievements.

  • Up to 60% of applicants lie or misrepresent their background and qualifications on resumes
  • Fake degrees are prevalent and easily obtainable.
  • One out of every ten applicants has a criminal record.
  • Employers continue to lose 73% of negligent hiring cases that go to jury trials.

BGP, LLC understand that the pre-employment interview is the most crucial point in the hiring process. Our trained representatives are experts in verifying and applicants background and qualifications for the position they are applying for. One effective way of providing clients with desired results is our proven Employee Security Profile (ESP). BGP, LLC has developed a written survey that is administered to the employee. It is a twenty minute written survey that provides insight in to applicants' areas of manageability and dependability. ESP also explores applicant's attitude towards the use of illicit drugs or abuse of alcohol.

Driving Records

Driving records are available from all states. This information includes licensee address, license class, expiration date, citations and reported accidents. This information is available instantly to our web based clients.

Employment & Education Verification

BGP, LLC will contact previous employers to confirm salary, length of employment, position, nature of position (full or part time), and eligibility for re-hire. Skilled investigators question former employers for additional information. BGP, LLC will verify if the subject attended college or a university and whether or not a degree was obtained.